Ankh Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

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Symbols with deep meaning are of great popularity. It looks very special, and, you will always have an interesting story to tell about your tattoo. Egyptian symbols are maybe the most popular and frequently seen tattoos. Both men and women choose Egyptian symbols so there are no rules about symbols. For this time, we will talk about ankh symbol, its meaning and designs that are popular this year. 

Ankh is the strongest symbol that is seen with all Egyptian god and goddesses as well as in written language. The first meaning of ankh is life and love. It represents life cycle with all the good and bad things in it. Through the appreciation of both aspects, human being can reach the balance and harmony of soul.

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Besides, of symbolizing life on earth ankh is the symbol of life after death. Ankh symbolizes never-ending life that starts in this world and continues in the other world. This long journey includes human beings, celestial bodies, gods and goddesses.

The loop at the top of the ankh is the symbol of sun. The vertical lines symbolize the rays of sun dropping on the land of Egypt. Thus, ankh represents another combination, the combo of sun and earth.

Another explanation of ankh is the combination of female and male powers. This comes from the union of two strongest Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis.

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For Egyptians, the ankh was the symbol of the key that could open the gates to a mystic world where the death lives. The loop in ankh is the portal that opens another state of being. Thus, ankh can also symbolize immortality.

Besides, of the popular meaning ankh tattoo can symbolize afterlife, protection, power, vision, magic, truth, divinity, hidden wisdom.

Ankh tattoo can be placed anywhere you want. As it is a simple sign, it is more often tattooed on the back of the neck, on wrist or thigh. The traditional design of ankh tattoo is black one with slightly shadowing and textured look. Of course, you can get a colorful one or combine it with other details of the same theme.

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