Aries Zodiac Tattoos

zodiac sign tattoo

Being the first in the Zodiac wheel Aries has some strong characteristic features that makes his a real leader. Just like any other Zodiac tattoo Aries tattoo is meant to reflect some of powers of Aries. Here are the best Aries tattoos to be found in 2017 tattoo trends. 

Those who are born under the sign of Aries are distinguished as independent, impulsive, passionate, spontaneous and courageous.  Aries can be strong leaders because they are often associated with a warrior. Being one of the most active person Aries loves to be in the center of everybody’s attention and impressive tattoo is just another means to stay in the limelight.

aries zodiac tattoo

aries zodiac tattoo on finger

The sign that symbolizes Aries is V with curved edges. This is the most frequently seen tattoo design and believe it or not, simple and minimalistic Aries tattoo looks even more attractive than a complicated one. Surely, the choice depends only on your personal preference, just remember that are no rules and boundaries in tattooing. If you are tattoo-addicted, you can cover your body with all the craziest tattoos and you will be one of the happiest persons to wear them.

aries zodiac tattoo aries zodiac tattoo on back aries zodiac tattoo on back

The next popular symbol of Aries is Ram. It looks powerful and impressive and can be done on a large are like back and chest. Here you can find millions of examples of Aries tattoos both colorful and monotone, realistic or in geometric style.

V sign can be a perfect idea for small tattoo and it can be placed behind ear, on neck, on finger or toe. Medium sized V sign will also look beautiful on wrist. Such tattoo will show everyone your character and the fact that no one can mess with you.

aries zodiac tattoo on back aries zodiac tattoo aries zodiac tattoo on wrist

aries zodiac tattoo on wrist aries zodiac tattoo on wrist

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