Beautiful Mandala Tattoos

tattoo on shoulder

Mandala or circle in Sanskrit is one of the most beautiful designs of modern tattoos that are included in 2017 new tattoo ideas. Those tattoos really look impressive on both men and women. To help you choose the best mandala tattoo for you we have picked the hottest collection of mandala tattoos for you. In addition, you will find out the meaning of mandala tattoo ideas where to get it. 

woman tattoo on neck

Mandala tattoo represents a complex picture from circles, triangles and dots. Actually, mandala is a symbol drown on the sand during rituals. The ritual was common in India but today it is much more than a simple symbol. As the main detail of mandala is, a circle it has all the meaning that circle symbol has. A unique symbol means circle of life. Furthermore, mandala is drown as a flower thus carrying all the meaning of flower. In fact, mandala is a “life of a flower”, complicated, structured flower with hundreds of lines crossed.

hand tattoo

tattoo on hand

The perfect balance and measurement of circle from the center to the edges represent is a symbol of balance on earth. It is a kind of cosmic diagram that can be interpreted as a notion of life, something that has no beginning and no end.

Indeed, mandala is one of the most complicated tattoo designs with the deepest meaning and for you mandala tattoo can symbolize something special. Much depends on the body part you want to get tattooed.

tattoo on foot

Mandala is definitely not the type of tattoo to get in small or tiny sizes. It could be either medium or large placed somewhere eye catching like back, chest, thigh or hand. Massive and complicated mandala tattoo on spine is definitely the most beautiful tattoo you could ever get. Of course, when it comes to tattoos there are no boundaries so you can get mandala tattoo anywhere you want.

Mandala is more often done in black color without adding any additional shade. Still, if you are more of colorful tattoos you can create something special adding more bright colors to your mandala tattoo.

shoulder tattoo tattoo o thigh tattoo o thigh tattoo o thigh

tattoo on hand new tattoo designs tattoo on ribs flower tattoo new tattoo on back

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