Beautiful White Tattoo Ideas to Try

white tattoo on hand

White tattoos are some of the most beautiful styles but at the same time, they are the most difficult ones to pull off. Those are the type of tattoos that require special care, and they are not suitable for every skin tone. White tattoos tend to fade faster than darker colors. Still, white tattoo looks gorgeous. Should you choose a white tattoo or you’d better keep up to classy dark colors? We will try to help you make a choice. 

white tattoo

Let’s consider the advantages of white tattoos. Well the most important thing about white tattoo is subtle look. White tattoo surely looks less eye-catching and bold than black and it becomes vital for those who shy away from getting tattooed. White tattoo is invisible even under transparent clothing. It looks like a pale scarring and only under bright light white tattoo will be visible. White tattoo looks like a part of your skin, something natural.

Still nothing is so perfect. There are some risks of getting white tattoo. First of all, even a tiniest mistake on white tattoo entire picture will be spoiled and it will look as if your skin has got a scar. The only thing you can do in this case is to get a colorful tattoo to cover it.

white tattoo on wrist white tattoo on wrist

The secret of wearing beautiful white tattoo is your skin color. The darker skin color you have the more beautiful white tattoo will look. Still if you have very light porcelain skin tone you can still wear a white tattoo. The secret is in adding a pale hue to white. It can be bluish, yellowish, brown or purple undertone that will make white tattoo visible even on the lightest skin tone.

The best white tattoos are lace tattoos and mandala tattoos. Those styles create a beautiful veil on your skin. Still, there are no strict rules so you can surely get a secret message with white color inked on your body.

white tattoo on shoulder white tattoo on shoulder white tattoo on arm white tattoo on finger white tattoo on back

white tattoo on arm white tattoo on hand white tattoo on shoulder white tattoo on toe eca63eff67130ac8dfc68c641020db33 white tattoo on arm white tattoo on rib white tattoo on rib

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