Best Lion Tattoo Ideas for Men

Lion is the symbol of strength, power and royal blood. Having such tattoo is a unique expression of power and it is definitely one of the best tattoo designs you should consider. We have prepared the best collection of lion tattoos for men to inspire you. Catch them.

modern lion tattoo

Lion tattoo have all the positive meanings. Lion tattoo symbolizes power, victory, strength. justice, family and masculinity. Traditional lion tattoos are pictured with flowers symbolizing the balance of strength and fragility.

Roaring lion is looks really furious and powerful. Man with a roaring lion tattoo is a true leader, and if you feel you have that power, get a massive roaring lion on your shoulder or back.

new lion tattoo

The next popular style is lion with a crown, Lion is the king and you are the king so why not to prove it with a powerful and massive tattoo. More often a lion tattoo with a crown is colorful thus tattoo looks more powerful.

dotted lion tattoo geometric lion tattoo

With the growing popularity of new school style tattoos lion tattoos started picturing in geometric and dotted style. It looks really cool and modern and it can be smaller and placed on wrist and finger.

Another popular tattoo style that can work perfect for lion tattoo is watercolor style. It looks surrealistic and really impressive. Watercolor lion tattoo can have black contours or completely done in bright colors.

Where to get lion tattoo?

As we are talking about large lion tattoo it can be placed on back, chest, leg, or it can cover the whole hand. In any case, lion tattoo will look fantastic even if you get a tiny lion on your finger.

lion tattoos 2017

lion tattoos 2017

lion tattoos 2017
lion tattoos 2017

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