Celebrity Tattoos; David Beckham Tattoos

tattoo on rib

One of the tattoo-addicted celebrities that always inspires s with a new tattoo is David Beckham. Former talented soccer player and model, loving father and perfect husband has covered his body with so many tattoos that we hardly count all of them. For now, let us check the most discussed tattoos of David Beckham. 

“99” finger tattoo

celebrity finger tattoo

This is maybe one of the most important tattoos for David Beckham. It symbolizes 1999 year when David got married to Victoria. The same year David Beckham and Manchester United won Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. He wears the tattoo on pinkie finger of right hand. It looks simple but the meaning is more important than the style.

“Victoria” tattoo on arm

arm tattoo

As a tribute to his love for her wife, David got a Sanskrit tattoo on inner part of his left arm. He got the name of her wife, just it but it carries deeper meaning and symbolizes something big and important. There is something about Sanskrit tattoo that happened to Rihanna as well. David’s Sanskrit tattoo is translated as “Vihctoria” still we all know what it means.

Roman Numerals and Latin Phrase

quote tattoos

tattoo on wrist

Next impressive tattoo on David Beckham’s body is large Roman number 7 on his right forearm. The number symbolizes his jersey number in Manchester United. Besides, it is the middle name of his child, Harper Seven Beckham. Right under the Roman numerals David has a Latin phrase “Perfectio in Spiritu” translated Spiritual Perfection. On his left forearm, David has got another Latin phrase “Ut Amem Et Foveam” (So That I Love and Cherish).

David has another symbol of love for his wife hidden in Roman numerals. The numerals VIII.V.MMVI (May 8, 2008) symbolize the date of ceremony of Victoria and David.

Biblical text on rib

tattoo on rib

David do loves quote and phrase tattoos and here is another proof. On the right rib, David has a long Biblical text and just under the quote, Jesus with head bent is pictured. «Man of sorrow» is a tattoo to honor his grandfather Joe.

Tattoos on sleeves

David has got his both sleeves completely tattooed and there are so many pictures and words inked that will take a way long to describe each of them. All you need to do is to sit and enjoy them.

celebrity tattoos

celebrity tattoos

celebrity tattoos

celebrity tattoos

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