Clock Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

clock tattoos

Time has no value, you can’t buy it and you can’t turn back the hands of time. You can clearly see how time passes but you can never stop it. Such a great thing like time is visualized with a clock and in its turn clock inked on your body carries the philosophy of endless time.

clock tattoos

Modern tattoo designs are more complicated and abstract so when it comes to clock tattoos they are not simple anymore. Besides of its main meaning clock tattoo has deeper meanings; everyone can explain it in a different way, the way they feel about it.

popular clock tattoos

For some, clock tattoo can be a unique symbol of life and death; the struggle of two greatest forces. The clock can also be translated as a symbol of perfection; time never stops. The mechanism works smooth and flawless.

popular clock tattoos 2017

Clock with no hands of time can symbolize timelessness while particular time pictured on a tattoo can symbolize a special date. Distorted or broken clock can symbolize deluded sense of time. Broken tattoo more often appears in trash polka styles combined with splashes and dots of red color. Here clock is done in black color.

old fashioned tattoo

The style of clock can also change the meaning of clock tattoo. For instance, a sundial can symbolize old soul and wisdom, while abstract or digital clock can be a symbol of future and development.

tattoo on hand

Colorful clock looks more positive while dark colors of clock and entire tattoo add more drama to meaning. No matter which style you choose or what meaning your clock tattoo will carry it will look amazing cause tattoo with deep meaning just can’t look boring.

men clock tattoos

Clock tattoos for men are more often combined with skulls, birds (mainly raven) and flowers. If the clock and time on it shows special date it is likely to have names pictured with clock tattoo.


wrist tattoo

Wrist watches look bold and eye catching especially when colored in bright shades. It s more suitable for men still there are no rules when it comes to tattoos.

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