Colorful Peacock Tattoo Ideas

feather tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a bird tattoo, you should definitely consider peacock tattoo.  The bright colors of bird look really attractive even if you decide to get a small peacock or just a feather. Besides of being a beautiful bird peacock tattoo has very interesting meaning and symbolism. 

peacock tattoo

Peacock was present in many ancient cultures carrying certain symbolism. In China woman would give a birth to a child if a peacock looked at her. Thus, peacock tattoo is believed to bring luck and fortune to mother-to-be.

In Buddhism, the «eye» on the feather of a peacock symbolizes the Watcher. In Christianity the peacock symbolizes resurrection and the wearer is considered to be devoted to God.

In ancient Persia peacock symbolized wealth and power and often decorated possessions of kings. The image of peacock reached the Europe but it changed its meaning becoming king’s bird to mock monarchy.

peacock tattoo on back peacock tattoo on shoulder peacock tattoo on shoulder

The colors of peacock have also very special meaning. The vivid colors of feathers symbolize bright mind and light heart. This is a unique symbol of harmony between mind and soul. The bird is more about positive vibes that inject the wearer with hope, optimism and belief.

Besides peacock is considered a royal bird so she stands for the symbol of royalty and glory. Alongside with the above mentioned meanings peacock tattoo symbolizes luxury, sexuality, sensuality, generosity, vitality, desire and longevity.

The feathers of peacock have quite different meaning. In Asian culture, the eye of the feather was the symbol of the Evil eye. While in Christianity the eye symbolized the eye of God.

peacock tattoo on foot peacock tattoo peacock tattoo on back peacock tattoo

peacock tattoo peacock tattoo peacock tattoo on tummy peacock tattoo on back peacock tattoo peacock tattoo on back peacock tattoo on fnger peacock tattoo peacock tattoo on arm peacock tattoo on rib peacock tattoo on ear

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