Cool Glow-in-Dark Tattoos

glowing tattoo

The techniques of tattooing are far beyond being standard and simple; today you can get virtually anything you want. Thinking of 3D tattoo? Here you go. Dreaming of bright colors? You are lucky cause today everything is possible. One of the innovations that have invaded the world of tattoos is glow-in-dark tattoo technique that takes simple tattoo to totally new level. 

glow in the dark tattoo

Glow-in-dark or UV tattoos have two great advantages. There are some tattoo addicted boys and girls just can’t have it because of society or the job they have and it is a real problem cause dreaming of something so badly and not having a chance to get is a drama. We can’t advise you to quit your job or totally ignore society but we do have a great option for you. Yes, we are talking about UV tattoo that is completely invisible in the light but everything changes when it is dark. It starts glowing like thousands of moths.

glow in the dark tattoo

Next best thing about UV tattoo is that it can be done on a regular tattoo to make it more attractive in the dark. Just imagine you have your unique tattoo on daytime that is lit up with thousands of colors in the dark.

There are two types of UV tattoos used by artists. Invisible UV ink is completely invisible on daytime or the skin maybe a bit rose. UV ink starts glowing in the dark showing off your tattoo. The second type is colored UV ink. Tattoo with colored UV ink looks just like a regular tattoo and starts glowing in the dark.

Glow-in-dark tattoo is placed in a visible part of the body. Well there is no sense to place it where your body is covered with clothes. You can get UV tattoo on your finger, shoulder, shoulder, toe or tummy (in case you are wearing crop tops).

There is one thing to keep in mind about UV tattoo. Regular tattoo inks are made of natural ingredients and are less allergic while UV inks are more often rejected by skin thus causing allergy. Think twice before getting UV tattoo and make sure your tattoo artist is professional.

uv tattoos uv tattoos uv tattoos uv tattoos glow in the dark tattoo


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