Cool Teardrop Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

teardrop tattoo

In spite of the fact that tattoo trends have no boundaries and there is hardly any style that can evoke negative or not usual feelings. Still, we have found one that has very interesting prehistory and meaning. Of course it is one of the tattoo styles that not everyone will dare to wear but it still has its unique place in our virtual book of the best tattoo styles and we just can’t ignore it. So let’s start from the very beginning. 

teardrop tattoo

Traditionally teardrop tattoo was inked on face, right under the eye and this sign had a clear meaning. Those who had teardrop tattoo most likely had killed a man and spent time in prison. Tattoo was inked after leaving the prison as a symbol of the crime. One teardrop meant one victim, multiple teardrops meant many victims. Sometimes women also got teardrop under eye together with their significant other as a symbol of solidarity. Teardrop tattoo on face is tiny with just an outline or completely black.

teardrop tattoo

Teardrop tattoo had another meaning as well. Teardrop tattoo was the symbol of a loss of beloved one. Such teardrop is done in black with an empty top and full bottom.

This is a type of tattoo you cannot get without knowing the meaning. Once you get a teardrop tattoo it will be a permanent mark on your face meaning that you have a dark past. If you haven’t experienced anything of the above mentioned, you should definitely forget about teardrop tattoo.

teardrop tattoo teardrop tattoo teardrop tattoo teardrop tattoo teardrop-tattoo

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