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Tattoo is no longer something extraordinary and crazy. Millions of people both boys and girls get tattoo on body and it looks quite normal but everything changes when it comes to face tattoo. There is still an ill feeling about face tattoo; it feels more criminal and antisocial and it definitely attacks much attention. Even tattoo addicted people sometimes think twice before getting a tattoo on face, even a tiny tattoo. Still, we do love tattoos and it will be quite interesting to look through the pictures of crazy face tattoos. 

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Face tattoos are mostly not the ones you would see in tattoo catalogues and all of them have special meaning and purpose. You should know Zombie Boy who got his whole body tattooed plus his face and head. Well he looks really sexy and his tattoos are piece of art but let’s admit it, with such body you should say goodbye to your normal life cause you are going to be in the center of everyone’s attention.

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The most common face tattoos are tribal ornaments on the neck that go up to chin or even upper. Mandalas are also gaining much popularity not only on body but also on face. Of course it won’t look as sexy as on shoulder or back but mandala still will look nice (as much as it is possible).

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Next tattoo style that works for face either is dotted tattoo. It is not so dark and bold, plus dotted tattoos are very trendy this year. The best place to get dotted tattoo or mandala is around ear going up to head or down to neck, the chin or forehead.

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At last, the most popular face tattoo that has special meaning is teardrop tattoo. Well it is not the one you can have without knowing the meaning. Teardrop tattoo means the wearer is a murderer. Actually teardrop tattoo has different meanings, so if you have never been in prison and have nothing common with it you’d better stay away from this tattoo.

new face tattoos new face tattoos new face tattoos new face tattoos

new face tattoos new face tattoos new face tattoos new face tattoos new face tattoos

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