Gemini Tattoo Designs

zodiac signs tattoo

Gemini is the most eccentric zodiac sign. Gemini changes so frequently that you can hardly characterize him.  At the same time Gemini is the most interesting zodiac sign that can be talked about for hours. We are going to talk about the best examples of Gemini tattoos and designs that can describe their dual nature. 

Gemini and zodiac signs at all are popular today and they will never lose popularity cause there will always be people who would like their zodiac signs inked on body. The only thing that changes through time is the style of zodiac signs. The collection gets even larger day by day so now you have the widest variety of zodiac sign tattoos to choose.

zodiac sign tattoo

If you are a Gemini, you will probably change your mind for thousands of times before you make up your mind and choose tattoo style. Your artistic soul can be described only through a very special tattoo that will speak for itself. It should say that you have curious mind, you are always passionate about new things. You are creative sometimes even crazy. Well, for tattoo artist it is a tough job to choose what you really want.

The worst thing about Gemini and the world surrounding is that they constantly get bored of virtually everything. Permanent tattoo is forever, and you should be ready to see it every day (of course, you can place your tattoo away from your glimpse).

zodiac signs tattoo

Traditional Gemini sign looks like Roman number 2 (II). Let us suppose that you are one of Geminis that love classy things. In this case, those examples of Gemini tattoo will be perfect. Well, we do not believe in tales, so considering only traditional Gemini sign for tattoo will be just stupid.

Gemini tattoos are more often pictured with koi fish, angel and demon, two masks, two faces (man vs woman, two women or two men) etc.

tattoo on neck shoulder tattoo zodiac signs tattoo zodiac signs tattoo zodiac signs tattoo zodiac signs tattoo

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