Hipster Tattoo Ideas 2017

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Hipster subculture is the strongest one at this moment that has its own fashion and rules. We no longer get surprised to their outfit, hairstyles, piercings and tattoos. But what is more interesting is that they already have their unique style of tattoos popular among hipsters. If you wonder what they look like, check out some of the newest hipster tattoo ideas.

First of all, let’s look at hipsters. Hipster is a young man or a woman at an age of 20s who reject any trend. Hipster has his own thoughts and ideas; they are mostly involved in artwork. The main trend of clothing is vintage and grunge style with a messy look. The 嘉盛 colors are quite different but the main theme is twisted around brown and earth tones. They spend time in small restaurants and pubs with groups discussing art and literature. Boys have full beards and long hair while girls are wearing bold hairstyles with shaved sides.

Well this is the main characteristic features of the hipster that you catch your attention. It is time to talk about hipster tattoos. Just like hipster tries to be original and stand out from the crowd with non-traditional look, hipster tattoo has the same aim. The originality is the key to success. There are several key symbols used in hipster tattoos.

Arrow Tattoos

Arrow is one of the most frequently seen hipster symbol that means direction and elegance. The style of arrow is mostly specific with the details of linework. Arrow can be either colorful or simply black.

Animal Tattoos

Wishing to express their free spirit hipsters turn to animal world inking on bodies wild creatures. Here the style can be realistic, inked in geometric style or linework.

Heart Tattoos

Hipsters do love life and nature and heart tattoo is the best way to express their love. Here dominant styles are black tattoos in minimalistic style and realistic heart organ tattoos inked right on the chest.


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