Key Tattoo Designs & Meaning

key tattoo

If you are choosing tattoo not only for decorating your body but also to add a special symbol with strong meaning to your life you should definitely think over key tattoo designs. Key is an important part of Old School tattoo style but it is also seen in New School tattoo styles bit a little transformed design still very impressive and meaningful. 

key tattoo

The first thing you think when you see a key tattoo is a secret. Well, it is the main meaning of key but it is just the smallest part of it. There is always a story behind key tattoo to be told and it is always covered with a mystery.

If key is pictured with heart, it symbolizes a very special moment in life and love. On the other hand, if heart is chained it can mean betrayal and sorrow. Key is often combined with a skeleton thus symbolizing old times and secrets hidden deep in the closet. Moreover, skeleton with key can symbolize treasures.

key tattoo on sleeve key tattoo on back key tattoo on rib key tattoo on sleeve key tattoo on sleeve

Key tattoo can be a wonderful idea for a matching tattoo. In this case, one can wear a key tattoo and the other one can wear lock tattoo thus symbolizing perfect match and close relationship.

Key tattoo looks beautiful on any part of body. If you want to get just a key tattoo without any another details, ou can get it tattooed on wrist, behind ear or on toe. More complicated tattoos are bigger so they can be done on back, thigh, ribs and chest. They are colorful and eye catching so think wise whether you can maintain such a bright tattoo.

key tattoo tattoo on sleeve

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