Maori Tattoo Designs for Men

maori tattoo for men

Tribal tattoos are of great popularity nowadays. Of course, they have somehow lost their initial meaning and today are just prints to decorate body but those who have decided to get inked should definitely know the history of tribal tattoo especially when it comes to Maori tattoos. With the post we will try to find out what Maori tattoo is and what is the meaning of inked bodies. 

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Moko body art or so called Maori tattoo is considered sacred. Maori people considered head the most important part of the body and that’s why they inked faces with curved lines. Facial tattoo has totally different meaning and purpose. Thus is the whole face was covered with tattoo it meant higher rank and power.

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One of the most important things about Maori tattoo is that there is no second Maori tattoo with the same pattern. It means if you have decided to get Maori tattoo, you will have a tattoo no one will ever have.

All symbols in moko have meaning and you just can’t have a Maori tattoo without knowing the meaning. We can even call Maori tattoo a unique language that can tell a whole story. The reason why Maori tattoos look so fierce and eye catching is the meaning the carry; the strength and power should be visualised only through such impressive and bold tattoo. Maori tattoos are monotone and you will never see colorful moko. The lines are mostly thick combined with thinner lines. The balance is perfect.

hand tattoo ideasMaori tribal tattoos bear a strong message and that’s why they are so popular today. It is more common for men but today there are no strict rules when it comes to tattooing so you already see women Maori tattoos.

Traditional Maori tattoo covers the whole body from head to toe. Today, not everyone is ready to have such a bold tattoo so place tattoo in particular part of body. The most common body part to get Maori tattoo is chest. Massive tattoo is spread from chest to shoulder going down to arm and reaching up to the neck. You can also place it only on chest, arm or shoulder. Maori foot tattoos are also very popular especially when it is done on both feet. Everything depends on how much you are tattoo addicted. I mean you can start with a single tribal tattoo and end up with a whole body tattooed.

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