Mehndi Tatoo Designs


Mehndi is definitely the most beautiful and feminine style of temporary tattoo. Woman with a mehndi looks mysterious and sexy and this is why mehndi has become so popular far beyond India. If you want to have one of those beautiful mehndi designs or permanent hand tattoos check out some statement designs of mehndi tattoos and find out some interesting information about traditional mehndi tattoos. 

The story of mehndi tattoos

Mehndi-designs 2017

Mehndi-designs 2017

The oldest documentation about mehndi tattoos are 9000 years old. The art of decorating hand and palm with natural products were present in the culture of Pakistan, India and Middle East. Due to cooling effect of natural henna women dyed hands and the whole body. Later, mehndi was used to decorate body with beautiful prints. In India, brides get palms colored with henna and this ritual is one of the most sacred moments at wedding.

Mehndi-designs 2017

Today, mehndi or henna tattoo is popular all over the world and it is won not only on wedding but anytime woman want to look special. Of course you can have it anytime you want to look beautiful so let’s get to the cutest mehndi designs.

What is henna (mehndi)?

henna tattoo

Henna is a natural plant that very useful for skin and hair. Henna is made from the leaves of henna plant. Henna is a perfect product for natural hair coloring. It is very popular among girls who want to protect and revitalize hair. Let’s get back to henna tattoo. Just like it works on hair mehndi colors skin and the color depends on skin tone. It takes about 10 minutes to dry out. The color of henna gets darker and lasts about three weeks. Again it depends on your skin. If you want to make tattoo last longer try to avoid washing hands every often.

henna tattoo

The art of mehndi is quite difficult and as you see only a professional artist can create a real piece of art on your hand. Whether you want only your palms or your hands completely inked you will simply fall in love with your temporary tattoo. Be careful, you may like it so much that you may wish to have it forever.

temporary henna tattoo temporary henna tattoo temporary henna tattoo

temporary tattoo temporary henna tattoo temporary tattoo henna tattoo

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