Men Wrist Tattoos

wrist tattos

Men do love having wrist tattoos and there are so many tattoo ideas to get on wrist. If you are thinking of having wrist tattoo, check out those new wrist tattoos for men and maybe you will find something new for you. 

Religious Symbols

Religious tattoos always look impressive and outspoken especially when it is done on wrist. This is a perfect way to show your belief and the fact that you are proud of it. This is the type of tattoo you should think of carefully so think twice and look for the best one for you. More often it has positive effect on the others, so do not be afraid.

religious tattoo

Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are more common for women. Those tiny stars look really adorable on woman’s gentle wrist. Men star tattoos on wrist have very special meaning. For instance, nautical star means safety, pentagram star means protection. The Star of David is one of the most frequently chosen star tattoo and you don’t need to be a Jewish to get it done. Downward pentagram is a very special symbol of devil so be careful with it.

star tattoo on wrist

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac sign is chosen more often than any other design. Zodiac sign tattoo will look perfect on any part of body and wrist is not an exception. You can go for traditional styles of tattoos or get something really cool from New Style tattoos.



Arrow looks amazing on wrist. It can be a small arrow symbolizing determination or several arrows. Again you can go for traditional style of arrow tattoo or pick something new. Those geometric tattoos look cool on any part of body so if you are not going to get it on your wrist, think of another part of body.

arrow tatto on wrist

Tree and Forest

Tree or forest is quite popular tattoo. Forest tattoo wrapping the wrist and going up looks pretty cool and impressive. For less eye catching tattoo you can get a single tree tattoo.

forest tattoo

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