Origami Tattoo Ideas 2017

origami tattoo ideas 2017

Traditional art Origami now can be on your skin, decorating your body. The origami you like most will be inked somewhere you can look at and enjoy your tattoo. Origami tattoo do looks amazing, besides it has meaning and symbolism.

Origami is a traditional Japanese art. The name is translated as folding paper. It is the art of folding paper so that in the end you will get an interesting object. Japanese culture and Japanese art particularly has great influence on tattooing so no wonder that origami tattoo is popular all over the world.

Origami is not just about folding paper, it is a whole poetry, a complete ritual hat is extremely sensitive and poetic and the final result carries a great message. The process of inking origami tattoo can also be considered poetry. Moreover, origami tattoo will last forever.

The reason why Origami tattoo style has become so popular is minimalistic look. Simple fine lines of Origami look amazing regardless of the size of tattoo. Both colorful and monochromatic tattoos look fantastic and any of them makes style statement. Moreover, you can combine two mainstreams of tattooing, i.e.minimalistic style and watercolor tattoo. Splash of colors with fine lines of Origami will become the cutest tattoo you could ever wear.










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