Tiny Tattoo Ideas

tiny tattoos

Tattoo is unique way to express personality’s inner world still there are some life situations when it is impossible to wear a large tattoo or even a medium sized tattoo. Moreover, temporary tattoo is not an option as well, so what to do in this situation? Congrats, there is a perfect solution for you. Tiny tattoo there is barely seen looks cute and at the same time, it will not be antisocial. What you need to do now is to find out where the most common places tiny tattoos are inked are and the examples of tattoos to choose. 

The Newest Triangle Tattoo Ideas 2017

Triangle is one of the most frequently seen detail in New School tattoo style. The symbol is used in geometrical and dotted styles single or completed with other details. Triangles do look impressive but the meaning of triangle is no less important. Let’s check out some of the best triangle tattoo ideas 2017 and find out the meaning of triangle tattoos. 

Creepy Spider Tattoo Desings

spider tattoo

Creepy insects look even crazier when inked on body and guess what millions of tattoo lovers choose such crazy tattoos. One of the most popular styles is spider tattoo that has very special meaning and it looks pretty impressive. Those are some of the best spider tattoos that look very bold and scary. 

Gemini Tattoo Designs

zodiac signs tattoo

Gemini is the most eccentric zodiac sign. Gemini changes so frequently that you can hardly characterize him.  At the same time Gemini is the most interesting zodiac sign that can be talked about for hours. We are going to talk about the best examples of Gemini tattoos and designs that can describe their dual nature. 

Unique Tattoo Designs: Barcode Tattoos

wrist tattoos

Modern tattoos can be really odd and unique and sometimes even the most tattoo-addicted person cannot be ready to get similar tattoo. One of such crazy ideas that can shock you is barcode tattoo or QR code on different body parts. It looks cool but it has some risks. If you are one of those crazy people who want to stand out in the crowd, you will like the idea of marking your body with a unique barcode tattoo. However, before that, let us find out the meaning of barcode tattoos. 

The Cutest Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas

matching tattoos

Tattoo is very intimate for a person but when it comes to matching tattoos, it gets completely different meaning. Matching tattoos are mostly chosen by couples to symbolize their love and relationship and by friends as a symbol of their friendship. All matching tattoos are very cute and what do you think about mother-daughter matching tattoos? Those tattoos are symbols of the most honest love, devotion and friendship. For tattoo artist it is a very responsible job to find a tattoo that will be a symbol of mother-daughter relationship. Those are the best pieces of matching tattoos that will help you to find some inspiration for matching tattoos. 

The Hottest Geometric Tattoo Ideas 2017

gemetric tattoo

One of the hottest tattoo styles that continues to be popular and gains even more popularity year after year is geometric tattoo styles and millions of geometric tattoo ideas included in it. It is absolutely impossible to discuss or even show you all possible varieties of geometric designs so lets’ just find out the main tendencies of 2017 geometric designs and the meaning of tattoo style. 

Ankh Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

tattoo on chest

Symbols with deep meaning are of great popularity. It looks very special, and, you will always have an interesting story to tell about your tattoo. Egyptian symbols are maybe the most popular and frequently seen tattoos. Both men and women choose Egyptian symbols so there are no rules about symbols. For this time, we will talk about ankh symbol, its meaning and designs that are popular this year. 

Traditional Religious Tattoo Designs

religious tattoos

Religious motifs are very popular in tattooing and it carries a special message that is clear to understand. The reason one someone chooses a tattoo with a religious theme is the faith he has and desire to tell the world about his faith. We will try to show you some of the best examples of religious tattoos that are perfect in term of tattooing. 

Cherry Blossom Tattoos for women

cherry blossom tattoo

Flower tattoos do look so gentle and feminine on woman’s body. Every flower has its meaning and when choosing a flower tattoo you should pick the one that is closer to your soul. Cherry blossom has very deep meaning and it if you have chosen tattoo with cherry blossom details you should first learn the meaning of tattoo.