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Flower tattoos look very gentle and elegant but rose tattoo is more than a flower tattoo. The meaning of rose tattoo is more complicated that you could think and should definitely earn more information about the meaning of rose tattoo and styles before getting a flower tattoo. 

Rose tattoo is maybe the most popular flower tattoo that is seen in both Old School and New School Tattoo styles. In Old School, style roses are combined with other details thus creating a beautiful composition with deep meaning. New School Style roses are mostly pictured with geometric figures or in an abstract form. Both styles are extremely hot and popular and which one to choose is only up to you.

rose tattoos

rose tattoos on shoulder rose tattoos on wrist rose tattoos rose tattoos

The first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about roses is love. Well rose tattoo can be a symbol of love. Rose thorns characterize the sacrifice that love demands. Rose can symbolize flawless beauty ad purity while thorns mean that you can just look at the beauty without touching it.

The meaning of rose tattoo greatly depends on the color of rose. Traditional Old School rose is red that symbolizes love and romance. White roses symbolize purity, blue means fantasy, yellow is the symbol of happiness, pink is the color of desire and black is the color of sadness.

rose tattoos on sleeve rose tattoos on sleeve rose tattoos on foot

rose tattoos for men rose tattoos on shoulder

The symbol of rose was present in many cultures having different meanings and importance. In Western culture, the rose was a symbol of birth and resurrection. Rose tattoo can be a symbol of somebody’s death.

In Greek mythology, rose flower was associated to Aphrodite goddess. According to legend red roses grew on places where even a single drop of her blood dropped.

In Christianity, red roses are associated with Virgin Mary. In other words, rose in Christianity is the symbol of femininity and fertility.

flower tattoo for women flower tattoo behind ear flower tattoo for women flower tattoo for women flower tattoo rose tattoos on back rose tattoos on hand

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