Popular Symmetric Tattoo Ideas


Symmetrical tattooing is another type of New School tattoo style that has rapidly gained popularity. The style of tattooing supposes matching two pictures in symmetric style on different parts of body. For instance, single tattoo is divided into 2 and inked on arms or feet. Symmetrical tattoo is a perfect choice for matching tattoo. This can be a unique symbol of eternal love and friendship. You tattoo will be incomplete without the other part. 

symmetrical-tattoo-designs on arms

Symmetric tattoo style has combines geometric details with other images. Mostly those are pictures of animals in realistic or geometric style. Symmetric tattoo can also combine two images of different animals like a symbol of wild nature, a hunter and a victim.

For couple’s matching tattoo the choice of animals can have special meaning. For instance, animals can be your spiritual animals completing your personality and such union can be a symbol of your spiritual and physical connection.

animal tattoos animal tattoos

If symmetrical animal tattoo is not separated and inked together, it can symbolize two conditions, body and mind. Anyway, symmetric tattooing is more about spiritual type of tattoos.

Symmetrical style of tattooing is also used for mandala tattoos dividing it into two parts. Huge mandala can be inked on forearms and they look fantastic both when connected and separate. Of course, such complicated large mandala tattoo takes much time and effort and of course, it requires professional skills.

Symmetric tattoos are mainly done in black and grey colors but you can also add red shades. The main idea is to get an eye-catching tattoo that will look bold even when separated.

symmetrical-tattoo animal tattoo on chest animal tattoo on chest red-symmetrical-tattoo symmetrical-tattoo mandala

animal tattoo on wrist red-symmetrical-tattoo animal tattoo on wrist animal tattoo on wrist symmetrical-tattoo animal tattoo on chest animal tattoo on wrist animal tattoo on chest animal tattoo on back animal tattoo on wrist

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