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The ontogenetic patterns of sex steroid levels paralleled the ontogeny of anal and dorsal fins in the two latitudinal populations, suggesting that interpopulation variation in the degree of sexual dimorphisms in fin lengths is mediated by sex steroid-dependent regulation of fin elongation. testosterone.

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The effect of short term (12 weeks) physical exercise on serum total testosterone level was evaluated in 30 young male adults, aged 18-27 years (mean age 21.67±2.26 years). These medical students, having sedentary life style underwent heavy exercise by attaining heart rate 125-150 beats/min on bicycle ergometer for 15 min on alternate day basis amounted to 670 kilopond metre per minute work done and percentage of VO2max was 71±3. Pre-exercise serum total testosterone levels (5.49±1.31) of students were compared with those obtained after 1 week and 12 weeks of initiation of exercise. The serum total testosterone was measured by DRG Testosterone ELISA kit. After 1 week of exercise, a statistically insignificant decrease (5.488±1.32; P>0.05) was found while after 12 weeks of exercise, a statistically significant increase (6.41±2.28 P<0.05) was noticed between the pre-and post-exercise serum total testosterone levels. We conclude that short-term exercise produces an elevation in serum testosterone levels in young adults. testosterone.

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We evaluated magnetic resonance microimaging-derived structural (bone volume fraction [BVF] and trabecular thickness) and mechanical (axial stiffness [AS], a measure of bone strength) properties of the distal tibia at baseline and after 1 and 2 years of treatment. testosterone.

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Longitudinal associations between the AR CAG repeat and changes in androgen-sensitive endpoints (ASEs) and medical conditions were assessed using regression analysis adjusting for age and centre. The AR CAG repeat length was treated as both a continuous and a categorical (6-20; 21-23; 24-39 repeats) predictor. Additional analysis investigated whether results were independent of baseline T or oestradiol (E2) levels. testosterone.

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Biological sex differences and sociocultural gender diversity influence endocrine stress reactivity. Although numerous studies have shown that men typically activate stronger stress responses than women when exposed to laboratory-based psychosocial stressors, it is unclear whether sexual orientation further modulates stress reactivity. Given that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals frequently report heightened distress secondary to stigma-related stressors, we investigated whether cortisol stress reactivity differs between LGB individuals and heterosexual individuals in response to a well-validated psychosocial stressor. testosterone.

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WPS caused statistically significant decreases in the plasma concentrations of leptin, testosterone, and LH, and in the concentrations of total protein and the antioxidant indices measured. A statistically non-significant decrease in VEGFR2 protein in the WPS–exposed mice compared to the control mice was also found. The body and testicular weights of mice exposed to WPS, as well as their testicular alkaline phosphatase activity and light microscopic histology, and plasma estrogen concentration were all not significantly affected by WPS. testosterone.

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