Sexy Lips Tattoos

lips tattoo behind ear

Red and juicy lips tattooed on body look really hot on both men and women. It has very special meaning; red lips tattoo is a symbol of sexuality and intimate activity. The owner of lips tattoo should be ready for extra attention cause red lips tattoo looks bold. Of course the part of body also plays great role so let’s check of some of the cutest lips tattoo designs as well as the most suitable body parts to get red lips tattooed. 

lips tattoo

One of the most frequently seen red lips tattoo is The Rolling Stones red lips with tongue logo that is known all over the world. Such tattoo will be a great accessory on your boy symbolizing your rebellious nature and your love to rock.

Red saucy lips have sexual and erotic theme and sometimes it can look too bold when done on an eye catching parts like neck and hips. Lips are more common style for intimate parts and most of the time hidden under clothes. This is great option for those who want to have a tattoo but shy away from eye catching one, red lips tattoo on a secret place.

lips tattoo designs

Still lips tattoo can symbolize not only sexuality but also restriction and communication inability like sewn lips or closed lips.  Such tattoo has strong message so it can be done in a part of body to be visible. Sealed lips tattoo can be some kind of reminder to think twice before talking.

At last, you can get your girlfriend’s lips tattooed on your body as a unique symbol of your relationship. With the lips tattoo you can write a special date or name.

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lips tattoo designs 2017 lips tattoo designs 2017

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