Skull Tattoo Ideas 2017

skull tattoos 2017

Tattoo is not just a picture inked on your body. It is part of you, the brightest thing to express your personality so when choosing a new tattoo style you should think twice. When it comes to dramatic styles of tattoos like skull, raven, black widow things become more serious cause you should know the meaning of each style and decide whether your inner world will be in harmony with such tattoo. One of the most popular dramatic tattoos that have special meaning is skull. If you just look through the pictures of 2017 tattoo trends you will see so many skulls combined with different details like in trash polka so you should definitely consider skull as an option for you.

skull tattoos 2017

First of all let’s find out what skull tattoo means and how it can change your life. Well such dramatic tattoos have very deep meaning. Plus skull tattoo is one of the strongest that you could get inked. When you see skull tattoo the first thing that comes to mind is death and darkness. Of course skull means death but it can be explained in other way. Skull tattoo symbolizes protection, strength and challenges. The skull is meant to protect the wearer from upcoming challenges or it can be a symbol of the past life that is already dead.

skull tattoos 2017

In some cultures, for example in Mexican culture, sugar skull symbolizes life. It is a tribute to life or to a beloved one who have passed. Skull also symbolizes rebellious soul, something that cannot be controlled. Well, everything depends on you and you can choose the meaning of skull tattoo that is closer to your feelings and life.

skull tattoos 2017

Skull is often seen in combination with a rose and such combination has its meaning. Life and death are together creating something stronger and bigger. Rose as a symbol of love and life withstands the power of dark side. Such tattoo can be a unique symbol of duality, inner struggle of good and evil. Rose with skull tattoo is done in rich colors like red and black and this is another factor that makes skull tattoo look so bold and eye catching.

Who can wear a skull tattoo? Well there are no longer rules and boundaries when it comes to tattoo so if you are a girl and o feel that your rebellious soul misses the skull, you should definitely get it inked.

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