Summer Flash Tattoos

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All the hottest girls and fashionistas of this summer have those super sexy flash tattoos on their body and you know what, those temporary tattoos look as hot as permanent tattoos.

Temporary tattoo is a great option for those who are addicted to tattoo but for some reason cannot have a permanent one. Furthermore, it can be a first step in case you wish to see how you will feel with a tattoo. In a word, if you still have doubts about the chosen tattoo, try a temporary one and then go on with a permanent one. 

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What about flash tattoos? They have very different function. Those jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos are meant to decorate your body and accentuate your style.

After a successful start, flash tattoos have become popular all over the world. You could see girls with glitter tattoos here and there staring with celebrities like Beyoncé and ending up with a girl next door.

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Let us finally figure out what is exactly flash tattoo, how to have it and some useful information for girls who want to be sexy and trendy.

Flash tattoos are metallic and gold prints that can be applied on any part of your body. The best thing about flash tattoo is that you can apply it for your own, without anybody’s help. No tattoo artist needed. Isn’t it great? Besides, they are sold almost everywhere and there is no need to look for a specialized shop to buy your dream flash tattoo. Wow, there are already two great advantages of flash tattoo. You may think that they are expensive, but guess what, they are very cheap and you can even buy several sets of flash tattoos to decorate the whole body.

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Therefore, you have already bought your first set of flash tattoos. Now it is time to learn how to apply it. First, cut the tattoo from the sheet but do not cut it following its overlying. Next, peel off the plastic foil. Your skin should be clean without any moisturizer or oily cream on it. Place the tattoo face down on skin. With a sponge or a cloth wet the tattoo paper. Continue the process about 30 seconds and then gently peel off the paper. Voila, you did it. Just let it dry for a while and enjoy all the attention you get with your sexy flash tattoo.

FYO; flash tattoos are waterproof. Still the more you swim or bather the sooner the flash tattoo will peel off. The flash tattoo will last about a week. In order to get it off use a cloth soaked with any oil.

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