Sun Tattoo Designs & Meaning

sun tattoo

Sun is the biggest celestial body in Milky Way and it is definitely the strongest one. Wearing such symbol on your body has a very special meaning. The sun and its symbol always had very special place in history of all tribes, nations and cultures. It was the main symbol worshiped for a very long time and maybe even today it is worshiped. 

sun tattoo on wrist

The sun is the source of light and energy. The sun brings life and it keeps everything alive. The sun tattoo just can’t have negative meaning; it will definitely change the life of a wearer. For you the sun tattoo can symbolize someone important, your significant other or a child. Plus sun tattoo is a symbol of strength, vitality, passion, fertility and rebirth.

Sun tattoo design

sun tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoos

The Aztecs, one of the oldest tribes had 5 sun gods. They placed sun tattoos on particular parts of body to express devotion to each god. Aztec sun tattoos have tribal patterns and can be small and large.

sun tattoo

sun tattoo on rib

The Mayans wore sun tattoos as a protection and as a symbol of being enlightened. Sun tattoo was the mark of leardership, power and social status.

For Taino Indians that lived across Caribbean Sea worshiped sun and for them the sun tattoo was some kind of expression of faith. Sun tattoo was placed on the upper part of the body thus making the wearer closer to god. Taino sun tattoo were pictured with curved rays.

sun tattoo on rib sun tattoo on back

Sun is mostly pictured for itself without any other detail. Thus sun tattoo looks even more impressive. Still you will find some styles where the sun is pictured in combination with other details. Thus, the sun is more often pictured with the moon. The combination of sun and moon symbolizes spiritual union, the relationship of man and woman.

sun tattoo

sun tattoo finger sun tattoo sun tattoo sun tattoo sun tattoo sun tattoo on toe

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