Taurus Zodiac Tattoo Designs

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Taurus is one of the twelve zodiac signs that is pictured by a bull. People born under this sign are very strong and Taurus tattoo should perfectly describe their personality. We offer you to check out the best Taurus tattoos for both men and women found. 

Taurus sign is distinguished by strong will, a bit aggressive nature and high temper, impatience and determination. The bull is pictured with horns thus making it look even more fierce and aggressive. Wearing such tattoo doubles your energy and ambitions filling your life with never ending passion. Taurus loves luxury and tries to live his life as good as possible.

taurus tattoo taurus tattoo

Taurus or bull tattoo is seen in many cultures. Tribal bull tattoos were black with significant lines and accentuated horns and they looked impressive. Today, there are different styles of Taurus tattoos trendy and which one to choose is up to you.

Besides, of common meaning, Taurus zodiac sign can have different meaning depending on style of symbol. After deep research, you will find some interesting symbols of Taurus that have different meaning.

In China, bull is a symbol of perseverance. The bull is distracted continuing tracing his victim until the end.

In Indian culture, bulls and cows are sacred. They symbolize fertility.

In ancient Sumerian culture, the bull was the symbol of protection. They believed to protect those surrounding them.

In Israel the first letter of Hebrew, aleph is the symbol of bull. It symbolizes harmony.

For Celts, the bull was associated with sun and symbolized strength. Bull tattoo bears the same meaning.

In Native American, depictions bull skull was used for their ceremonies and was kept on alter. Bull skull tattoo is closely connected with Native Americans culture.

taurus tattoo on neck taurus tattoo on shoulder taurus tattoo on shoulder taurus tattoo on chest taurus tattoo on sleeve taurus tattoo on wrist

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