Temporary Tattoos for Men


Temporary tattoo, what can be more brilliant than having a chance to try desired tattoo for a short time? Indeed, temporary tattoo is a wonderful experience to feel your body inked and make sure you are ready to get a permanent tattoo.

men temporary tattoos

At this time, we are going to talk about a new style of temporary tattoo for men. Menna is traditional henna tattooing for men. For women henna is used to create hand tattoos or so called mehndi. For men menna is just the same pattern inking. The only difference is that menna is done on body.

Mennas do look awesome. Mandalas, lace patterns and tribal tattoos are now done with henna. Menna is done on the upper part of the body; it can be chest, shoulder, spine or neck. Of course you can always get something that goes beyond the rules. For instance, you can easily get menna on hands, sleeves and feet.

The traditional color of menna or henna is black but if you have a lighter skin you can go for a brown color that will be accentuated on porcelain skin.

men temporary tattoos
men temporary tattoos
men temporary tattoos on wrist
men temporary tattoos
men temporary tattoos
men temporary tattoos

men temporary tattoo on shoulder

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