The Newest Triangle Tattoo Ideas 2017

Triangle is one of the most frequently seen detail in New School tattoo style. The symbol is used in geometrical and dotted styles single or completed with other details. Triangles do look impressive but the meaning of triangle is no less important. Let’s check out some of the best triangle tattoo ideas 2017 and find out the meaning of triangle tattoos. 

triangle tattoos

Just like any other simple symbols triangle looks really impressive and it is all about its deep meaning. The symbol can be referred to religion, and cultures. It can be explained in different ways so let’s begin with the most common ones.

triangle tattoo

Triangle is referred to Christianity, holy trinity of father, son and Holy Spirit. Thus, triangle can be a unique religious tattoo with a hidden meaning. Triangle can be a symbol of another trinities; mind, body and spirit; mother, father and child; past, present and future and etc.

Triangle can also explained as another symbol of Christianity. Triangle is seen in the symbol of Eye of Providence. The eye inside the triangle is pictured on the banknotes of US dollars.

tattoo on sleeve tattoo on sleeve

For Greeks, the triangle has very special meaning. It symbolizes a doorway to a higher wisdom. In fact, triangle bears mystic power of three.

The meaning of triangle greatly depends on its orientation. Thus, if triangle is pointing upwards, it is the symbol of masculinity. When the triangle is upside down it symbolizes  femininity.

Besides of common meanings triangle tattoo can also symbolize harmony, illumination and creation.

tattoo on wrist tattoo on wrist tattoo on wrist

Triangle tattoo looks fantastic on any part of the body and regardless of the size you want to have triangle tattoo will make a statement. One of the most frequently seen style is triangle tattoo on wrist. Geometric style triangle is the one that looks fantastic. For more complicated tattoo, combine triangle with animal tattoo or colorful details. Actually, there are zillion varieties of triangle tattoos to choose.

tattoo 2017

tattoo on rib tattoo 2017 tattoo on wrist tattoo 2017 tattoo 2017 tattoo on neck

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