Traditional Egyptian Symbol Tattoos

Egyptian symbol tattoos

Egyptian pyramids still hide so many secrets and after thousands of years they are still covered with mystery. The essential part of Egyptian culture and mythology are Egyptian symbols that could tell a whole story. Today they live in tattoos and remind us of the most powerful Egyptian empires. 

Egyptian symbol tattoos have very special meaning and people who want to wear tattoo that stands out from the rest of tattoos seen recently choose them. There are several Egyptian symbols with meaning that can be chosen as a tattoo or even combined. Check out the symbols with meaning as well as the best Egyptian symbol tattoos.

The Ankh


Ankh is the symbol of eternal life. The circle in symbol is a loop that has magical protection. According to belief the ankh helped to pass the dying man to the world of dead safely.

tattoo on back tattoo on wrist tattoo on finger Egyptian symbol tattoo tattoo on rib Egyptian symbol tattoo

The Scarab


The picture of insect is very often seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs. It symbolizes spontaneity and energy. The scarab also symbolized rebirth. The style of symbol is perfectly suitable for small and medium tattoos.

Egyptian symbol tattoo Egyptian symbol tattoo

Egyptian symbol tattoo

Eye of Horus


This is maybe the most popular Egyptian symbol that is frequently used in tattooing. This is the all-seeing eye of god Horus, the god of sun. According to mythology, Horus lost his eye during a battle. The symbol consists of the eye, teardrop and spiral to the corner of the eye. The eye itself is the eye of Horus or Ra that illuminates everything and shows the truth. The teardrop represents the rip caused by the god Set. The serpent symbolizes sacred serpent Uraeus that protected Horus. The style of the spiral and eye is identical to serpent’s eye.

The eye of Horus tattoo symbolizes power, justice, vision, and clarity, life after death, balance and protection.

symbol tattoo wrist tattoo finger tattoo



One of the most mysterious Egyptian symbol is Anubis. Anubis was the god of dead with the head of black dog. Anubis protected the world of dead. The symbol of Anubis is interpreted in many ways but the most common one is that the god opens door to other life i.e. it gives yet another chance to change life.

egyptian symbol tattoo egyptian symbol tattoo egyptian symbol tattoo

tattoo on foot



Egyptian symbol tattoos Egyptian symbol tattoos Egyptian symbol tattoos Egyptian symbol tattoos Egyptian symbol tattoos Egyptian symbol tattoos Egyptian symbol tattoos Egyptian symbol tattoos


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