Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoo

Traditional Japanese tattoos or «Irezumi» are one of the most impressive tattoo designs do to their bold look and deep meaning. This is one of the styles of tattoo that not everyone can get; Japanese tattoo carries a strong message and every detail tells a story. One of the distinguishing features of Japanese tattoo is size. Tattoo covers entire back or sleeves or it can even cover entire body. Japanese tattoo is colorful with eye-catching pictures and prints and each of them has its meaning. This is maybe one of the few tattoo styles that has preserved its traditional look and let’s hope it will never be interpreted in a modern way. 

japanese-style-tattoo japanese-style-tattoo japanese-style-tattoo japanese-style-tattoo japanese-style-tattoo

Traditional Japanese tattoos were used to mark social status and class. Of course, only those of higher class could get a huge tattoo with impressive animals, flowers, leaves and other mythical scenes. Originally, there were strict rules about wearing a traditional tattoo and the one wearing Japanese tattoo should have been responsible for it. Today, rules are less strict. Moreover, Japanese tattoo style was the very first decorative tattoo style in tribal tattooing.

Dragon Tattoo

Every single sign in Japanese tattoo has its meaning. Thus, one of the most frequently seen detail in Irezumi is fiery colorful dragon, the symbol that is so often seen in Japanese culture. Dragon tattoo symbolizes wisdom and strength, generosity and knowledge.

traditional dragon tattoo dragon tattoo

dragon tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo

Next popular detail in Japanese tattoo is koi fish. It symbolizes strength, courage and determination. Koi fish swims against the current and this is the symbol of determination and the patience. Koi fish are pictured in bright colors that look fantastic when combined with water details.

animal tattooTiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoo is a sacred animal in Japanese culture and wearing tiger tattoo has very special meaning. It symbolizes strength, luck and courage.

animal tattoo

Skull Tattoo

In spite of its traditional negative meaning, skull in Japanese tattooing symbolizes life circle. It is associated with life changes.skull tribal tattoo

Flower Tattoo

In Irezumi, flowers have very special place. Lotus, cherry blossom, roses, hibiscus, orchids symbolize perfection, divinity, elegance and love.

tribal tattoo tribal tattoo tribal tattoo tribal tattoo

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