Trendy Tattoo Ideas 2017; Trash Polka Tattoos

trash polka tattoo

Tattoo has always been a unique way to make your personality complete. It is a way to express your emotions or to show off your inner world. In a word, emotions that are materialized and become visible for everyone (or almost everyone, if you know what I mean). There are so many tattoo ideas that you can simply get lost trying to choose the best one for you. The aim of our blog is to provide you with a piece of useful information and represent you tattoo styles that are trendy and are going to be popular the next year. 

trash polka tattoo

At this time, we are going to talk about one of the most popular tattoo ideas that has flooded the market. Trash polka tattoos look bold, crazy, and impressive and of course, they are worth to have. Trash polka tattoos are definitely going to be included in the list of trendy tattoo ideas for 2017 so make sure to consider this style for you.


The style “Trash Polka” has its story and clear concept. The creators Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky wanted to combine realism with a trash, past and present and anything that cannot be seen together. Trash Polka looks a bit messy but once you get in details, it looks fantastic. It combines realistic picture in dark tones, mostly in black combined with geometric lines, dotes and splashes in red and black. The main idea is to create a deep contrast between something quite simple definite with more messy lines. It looks awesome on both men and women and there is no any restriction.


Trash polka tattoo looks bold not only because it is done in dark colors and has complicated picture sometimes with dramatic details like scull, raven etc., but because trash polka is large and covers mostly a large area. Therefore, in case you want something smaller and less eye catching you’d better skip trash polka styles and get something simple.

trendy tattoos 2017

At last, always remember that once you get a tattoo done you cannot undo it or you should go for a cover-up. Trash polka is a kind of tattoo that people either like it or do not. If you have a nature of contrasts and you are looking for a way of self-expression, trash polka is A one for you. You should be in harmony with your crazy tattoo; you should love it so think twice before getting it.

new tattos 2017

new tattos 2017

new tattos 2017

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