Unique Heart Tattoo Designs

heart tattoos 2017

Heart tattoo is one of the most emotional and very special tattoo designs that has different meaning regardless of the wearer and his interpretation. Hear tatoo is one of the symbols that is preseent both in  Old School and New School Tattoo styles and any of the styles has its special place in 2017 tattoo trends.

You can interpret heart tattoo in many ways but the first thing you say looking at heart tattoo is love. Heart is the symbol to express feelings. What do you send to your beloved? Of course it is a tin etoro red heart and why not to wear it on body as a constant reminder of love and beloved one. Of course such heart tattoo can also carry the name the special one but it is simply details of a very special symbol.

Modern heart symbol hardly reminds of the real organ. It looks pretty esthecic and it can be worn on any part of the body. Moreover, heart is one of the best options for tiny tattoo on finger, behind year, on toe and even on lip. Indede, there ae no boundaries when it comes to tatttoing.

Heart is connected with religion. Thus, in Christianity, heart is a sacred symbol of heart of Christ. Itis a unique symbol of his love for us. Thus, we can interpret heart tattoo as a symbol of love, compassion, courage, as well as a loss of a beloved one.

Besides of Christianity heart symbol is present in other cultures and religions. Thus, in Buddhism heart symbolizes the Dharmacakra (the wheel of law). We can interpretheart tattoo as a perfecttion of universe.

Depending on the deails completing the heart, it can carry different meanings. If the heart you are wearing s pierced with arrows it symbolizes the present feeling of love stricken. If the heart is pierced with a sword or broken it can symbolize lost love.


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