Unique Phoenix Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

phoenix tattoo

Mythical creatures have very important role in our life. They symbolize power and strength that we want to have and tattoo is one of the ways to get the part of their power. Phoenix is one of such mythical creatures that is said to be immortal. 

phoenix tattoos

According to legend phoenix sets itself in fire and dies. Then the bird is born from ashes shining with fiery feathers. This legend and phoenix is seen in different cultures and for each one the bird has its special meaning. Still, there are thing that are common in all cultures. Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, new beginning, new start in life leaving all troubles and problems behind.

Greeks believed that phoenix was born in Ethiopia and it lived so long that could outlive 9 generations of ravens.

In Roman culture, phoenix was the symbol of Roman Empire thus meaning that the most powerful empire will never collapse.

In Egypt phoenix was connected with the sun. According to their belief, phoenix controlled the cycle of sun. The sun and phoenix was the symbol of life as well as death.

Phoenix was also seen in Christianity as the symbol of Christ as having the same power of resurrection.

In Chinese culture, the bird was called fenghuang. It was the leader of birds and was the symbol of harmony and peace. Phoenix is closely connected to the symbol of yin yang and carries the same symbolism.

phoenix tattoo on back phoenix tattoo on shoulder

Traditional phoenix tattoo is supposed to be in bright colors like fiery red, orange and yellow. More often phoenix is pictured with other details like flowers and water. Phoenix is typical for Japanese traditional tattoos and it is pictured with dragons, samurai, flowers and fire.

phoenix tattoo on rib phoenix tattoo on rib phoenix tattoo on rib phoenix tattoo on back phoenix tattoo on wrist

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