Unique Tattoo Designs: Barcode Tattoos

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Modern tattoos can be really odd and unique and sometimes even the most tattoo-addicted person cannot be ready to get similar tattoo. One of such crazy ideas that can shock you is barcode tattoo or QR code on different body parts. It looks cool but it has some risks. If you are one of those crazy people who want to stand out in the crowd, you will like the idea of marking your body with a unique barcode tattoo. However, before that, let us find out the meaning of barcode tattoos. 

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Barcode tattoo can be interpreted as a symbol of ownership. For instance, couples can get specific barcode as a symbol of love and relationship. As barcode is a symbol of a product, you should choose the one that has special place in your relationship. Moreover, barcode is maybe the best tattoo with a secret that can be worn by a group of people valsartan diovan. Barcode is kind of a key or a secret room that is hidden from the others.

Barcode can also be a symbol of connection between humans and robots. Barcode is the symbol on human being that can be read only by a machine. Barcode is the symbol of innovation and progress.

Significant vertical thick and thin lines are so called barcode that are read with scanner. The scanner reads the image and translates into words. Well now, imagine that a secret word or product is hidden under your barcode tattoo. That would be funny if you get a barcode tattoo then scan it and find out you are wearing a barcode of Tylenol or anything else.  So after you have decided to get a barcode or QR code tattoo make sure you have found a product code that you want to get tattooed otherwise a surprise is waiting for you in supermarket.

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