Women Best Tattoo Ideas 2017

women tattoos 2017

This year girls are even sexier because they have so many adorable tattoo ideas to choose from. 2017 tattoo styles for women are extremely hot and sexy and it will be quite hard for you to choose the best tattoo for you. As a little help check out women best tattoo ideas 2017. Hope it will somehow help you to make a choice.

women tattoo on finger

women tattoo on back

One of the hottest trends of 2017 is tiny tattoo style. Just imagine you are wearing the cutest tiny tattoo on your body that is not eye catching yet it makes a style statement. One of the best things about tiny tattoo is that it can be hidden. This is a perfect option for girls who are addicted to tattoos still wearing a large one is not an option.

The theme of tiny tattoo can be anything starting from a zodiac sign and ending up with crazy food tattoo. Of course you are limited in choice and you can hardly express a whole story in a tiny tattoo still you can wear a strong symbol that will carry a certain meaning.

The place of tattoo also depends on our preferences. The most popular types of tattoos are tiny tattoo on finger, tattoo behind ear, on neck and toe. And again, you can get tiny tattoo anywhere you wish; there are no rules to follow.

women tattoo behind ear

women tattoo on neck

women tattoo on wrist

women tattoo on toe

women tattoo on wrist

women tattoo on rib

women tattoo on rib

Tiny tattoo looks amazing but check out those minimalistic tattoos. Aren’t they breathtaking? The tendency of simplicity is getting more and more popular and it concerns anything starting from fashion and it ending up with interior decoration. Minimalism in tattooing brought some amazing piece of art that are simple yet really impressive.

If the above mentioned two styles of tattooing are all about simplicity and monotony, Old School tattoo style is breaking the boundaries and going far beyond simplicity. Old School tattoo styles are too bold, too hot and colorful. They are covering a large part of body and catch to much attention. Still not scared?

old school tattoo on foot
women tattoo ideas
flower tattoo on neck
flower tattoo
women tattoos 2017
women tattoos 2017
women tattoos 2017

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