Women Lace Tattoo Designs

lace tattoos fo women

Woman’s tattoo should be elegant and feminine and at the same time it should have meaning. Lace tattoo is the one that looks far beyond elegant and it has meaning. Once you could hardly imagine that a piece of fabric could become a tattoo design that would decorate woman’s beautiful body.

lace tattoos fo women

Lace fabric looks extremely sexy and intimate. Just imagine that you are wearing lace all the time. Isn’t it great? The only thing you should do is to find the style of lace tattoo that will accentuate your body and make it look even more beautiful. Lace tattoos on an intimate body part are the styles that are popular this season and will definitely stay on trend as long as women want to e sexy with tattoos.

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The meaning of lace tattoo is quite simple. It symbolizes femininity and sexuality. White lace is a symbol of purity and it often associated with bride’s wedding dress. Just imagine you are wearing your wedding dress and your body is decorated with even more beautiful white lace tattoo.

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Lace tattoo will look great on any part of your body but there are some particular places where lace tattoo looks just perfect. One of the most popular parts of body for lace tattoo is thigh. Of course not all lace tattoos will look good on thighs so if you want to have lace tattoo on your thigh choose a proper style.


The lovers of massive tattoos will definitely choose a lace tattoo covering the whole back or the hand. Lace tattoo on chest is rare thing yet it looks very bold and sexy. This type of tattoo is not for everyone as it catches much attention so make sure you are ready for it.


Lace details can be combined with other pictures like heart, rose, or it can be done in a style of a butterfly, owl, chandelier, a bird and etc. The thinner the lines of laces are done the more elegant and sexy the tattoo is.

lace tattoo

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