Zodiac Sign Tattoos; Virgo Tattoos

zodiac sign tattoo

Those who are born between 22nd of August and the 23rd of September are born under the zodiac sign Virgo. Besides of being a zodiac sign Virgo is the second largest constellation. Virgo sign is presented with the symbol “m” with a loop on the last leg. The zodiac sign and symbolism is so strong that even non Virgos sometimes get Virgo sign tattoo.

The symbol of Virgo is connected with the Greek Mythology and the goddess Astrea, the goddess of innocence, virginity and purity. Virgos are shy and always try to avoid extra attention. They can be brilliant mathematics and talented artists. They have very gentle soul and never leave anything to a chance.

Traditional Virgo tattoo is the symbol of zodiac sign. More often it is inked without any additional details in black color and simplicity do look much attractive. On the other hand, you can always think of something more complicated and massive combining Virgo with other details.

Besides of a symbol Virgo zodiac sign can be pictured as a young beautiful lady; perfect image of a virgin. Thus you will emphasize your elegance and at 外汇交易平台 the same time the greatest power in you. Of course such tattoo can bear a bold allure. For instance, it can be a fiery red color, or an image of a sexy girl.

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